VersaTuner | N1 Tune | MX-5 ND

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Meet VersaTuner Lite - We've worked with the crew at VersaTuner to fill a void in the ND calibration market and the results are in! With modern OEM management, your results are limited by the parameter boundaries Mazda has put in place. Even with the addition of bolt-on components like higher flowing exhausts and cold air sourcing intakes, the factory computer will only compensate with fuel - and sometimes not even enough! The real power comes with Ignition timing, Valve Timing, Fuel Tuning, Throttle control and a number of other parameters that help to unlock the otherwise tethered setup.

How does this work? With the purchase of this specific product you'll receive all of the hardware and software required to calibrate your naturally aspirated, bolt-on or entirely stock ND MX-5. Once your VT Lite kit arrives, there are short instructions to follow in order to collect information for Fab9 to build your calibration.

What if I have bigger plans to modify my car in the future? Great! This is a preferred platform for manipulation of the OEM ECU and it's not limited to our shelf performance calibrations. Custom tuning can be done in the same fashion as other platforms have done in the past. With our Pro Tuning service, you'll collect data on your specific configuration and we can issue tailored remapping to suit your unique vehicle.


  • 14-17WHP on a completely stock ND MX-5
  • Includes USB/OBD Connection
  • Windows Compatible ONLY, no MAC devices
  • Capable of re-flash and custom calibrations as your car changes
  • Compatible with ND1 generation only

Download Instructional PDF HERE

4 Reviews

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    N1 Tune

    Posted by Dan on Nov 23rd 2020

    I recently applied this tune to my mostly stock 2017 MX-5, only other mod is a GWR Roadster Sport Super "Q" exhaust. Fab9 was very responsive and the tune has been great. Feels like a new car with more usable power everywhere. Great low cost investment to increase the enjoyment of my car...

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    Versatune support

    Posted by Mark on Aug 31st 2020

    Great and timely service. 2 day turnaround, love the tune For my ND,

  • 5
    Best and simplest upgrade for the price!

    Posted by Justin on Jun 17th 2020

    Very noticeable gains. I haven't dyno'd. Install was foolproof. All you need is a decent Windows laptop and the cable. It took about 30 minutes to get Versatune set and ready for flashing. I had to wait a week for my custom tune, but it turned out my email had fallen into spam. After calling to rectify the problem, my tune was in my email within half an hour. I love how efficient the customer service is. These guys are offering an excellent service. They are very friendly. Don't hesitate to call if you're experiencing any delays or problems.

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    Nice, smooth power delivery! Worth every penny

    Posted by Mark Wertheim on Dec 12th 2019

    This tune gave me a nice, smooth powerband, fuel economy doesn't seem to have changed (1,300 miles so far- no change in actual MPG [calculated, not on the display]). The extra RPMs up top are a nice bonus.
    Fab9's support was great, and very personal. Worth every penny! Didn't expect such a great result!
    Mark W.