ND2 M-CAL High Flow Fuel Injectors

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The ND2 doesn't have many shortcomings, but fuel injectors are one of them. It's clear that they've run short on E85 calibrations and certainly boosted applications.  These modified injectors offer an 18% increase in flow over the ND2's OEM injectors without any alteration in spray quality. They are direct PNP and only require a tune! 


If you have a calibration from Fab9 Tuning already, please send a tune request and specify you're running the M-CAL injectors. We will promptly send over an updated calibration for you. 



2019-Current ND MX5 2.0L Engine

E85 Compatible

Complete set of 4

2 Reviews

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    The best mod for your car

    Posted by Adrian C on Aug 4th 2023

    This is by far the best thing I ever did with my ND2 Miata, I have no other mods besides this and a tune to enable it. I started out as a basic 4cyl slow but fun little car, to an actual feeling of zoom zoom. This little mod can get you to take on other 4cyl with turbo and an even higher hp than this nd2, and even some v6s. It was a perfectly easy install, although taking it apart shouldnt take you more than 4 hours, frustration hours included. Putting everything back together was a quick 30 min for me. You will not regret this purchase at all, especially with E85 being of convenience at any location in CA, you will definitely smile every day with this

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    Best Mod Ever

    Posted by C Sistoso on Feb 24th 2023

    This is the single best mod for my ND2 Miata. I've installed cold air intake, mid-pipe, FM hush-0-matic muffler, and headers. They made minor subjective noticeable power gain. I've experienced 30% more power with these injectors. I was smiling and laughing the first time I drove with this mod. My car changed its driving character for the better as it went from quick to fast. I didn’t have my headers on, but the exhaust note is considerably loud probably because the car is burning more fuel.
    Installation tip: Remove battery, intake, driver side wheel, coolant reservoir so you have room to work removing the intake manifold. Have patience as you will probably spew out swear words. Hardest part is removing the harnesses behind/under the manifold and one bolt located right above the starter.
    The injectors are truly spectacular. I only plan to on using 91 octane and not run it on E85. Don’t forget to get the Versatuner tune file for these. Great customer service from Fab9 as you can actually talk to a human being for help.