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Meet VersaTuner Lite - We've worked with the crew at VersaTuner to fill a void in the NC calibration market and the results are in! With modern OEM management, your results are limited by the parameter boundaries Mazda has put in place. Even with the addition of bolt-on components like higher flowing exhausts and cold air sourcing intakes, the factory computer will only compensate with fuel - and sometimes not even enough! The real power comes with Ignition timing, Valve Timing, Fuel Tuning, Throttle control and a number of other parameters that help to unlock the otherwise tethered setup.

How does this work? With the purchase of this specific product you'll receive all of the hardware and software required to calibrate your naturally aspirated, bolt-on or entirely stock NC MX-5. Once your VT Lite kit arrives, there are short instructions to follow in order to collect information for Fab9 to build your calibration.

What if I have bigger plans to modify my car in the future? Great! This is a preferred platform for manipulation of the OEM ECU and it's not limited to our shelf performance calibrations. Custom tuning can be done in the same fashion as other platforms have done in the past. With our Pro Tuning service, you'll collect data on your specific configuration and we can issue tailored remapping to suit your unique vehicle.


  • 14-19WHP on a completely stock NC MX-5
  • Windows - Mac Laptop not compatible
  • Includes USB/OBD Connection
  • Capable of re-flash and custom calibrations as your car changes

Download Instructional PDF HERE

10 Reviews

  • 5
    N1 Tune

    Posted by Aaron Thompson on Jun 2nd 2021

    This tune really shows its worth in 1st and 2nd. You now have torque. Brings a smile to my face chirping the tires. Throttle response is also greatly improved. While you won't notice much of a difference on the speedometer, overall drive-ability is greatly improved. Dollar for dollar, the best value in performance.

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    Love it!!!

    Posted by Rakesh Minocha on May 12th 2021

    The torque comes in sooner, and pulls much better than stock. I like the higher rev limiter as well.

    What absolutely blows me away is the much improved throttle response!!!

    The increase in torque and horsepower is also clearly noticeable.

    I would recommend installing a tune. Lowest cost and easiest to install performance gains that exists for the NC.

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    Excellent customer service

    Posted by Krispin on Mar 9th 2021

    The tune is great, gained power across the rev band. Sounds great too. Had an issue with emails and recieving the tune but it was resolved right away after I gave them a call.

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    Notifiable 0-60 speed

    Posted by Eli on Nov 12th 2020

    Crackle/pop fully stock NC EXP--
    I purchased this kit for the crackle and pop, but because my vehicle is bolt on from the ground up, around 3rd gear i can hear a some what silent burble noise, but no pop noise so i will have to upgrade my exhaust for the noise its there just not noticeable from a couple feet away.

    0-60 power EXP--
    i instantly noticed the difference when i went from 1st to 2nd, the car throttle response feels a lot responsive, you can feel it in your stomach, the car was fun before but now man this is alot more action added.

    For fully stock cars the pop noise is there but barely can hear it, for the power is definitely there and you will be able to tell instantly, more over the program has prepared your car for future upgrades so you can now get the fullness out of them.

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    Tune is.. good

    Posted by Albert on Feb 2nd 2020

    I must say that I had my expectations a little high going into this purchase. I got it back in November so I’ve had some time with it to really come to the conclusion that it was good. My NC is an auto that I keep in paddle mode almost always, stock headers, straight midpipe, racing beat exhaust. When I first tuned it I must say, throttle response is without a doubt better now. Power however feels relatively the same (can’t beat an 09 civic in a race still). Turning off decel made it burble in lower rpms but I lost the pops I used to have, when I would let off and tap the gas between 2-3k it would pop pretty loud. So in that area I was let down in hopes for more pops like the tuner says. With the automatic before the tune there is a limiter at 2k if your foot is on the brake, after the tune the limiter was gone and on a “closed road” it did an enjoyable burnout. Overall I am pleased with the pep of the car, it’s got the pep that the smile makes you think of. However, it doesn’t have the power to go with that pep. I’m considering getting stage 2 cams sold on this sight for it here soon after my headers too see how the quoted “217” whp will feel in the Miata. I definitely would recommend this for anyone putting power into their NC because you can get the full version of the software and be able to tune it yourself or have a pro that you like, near you, tune it.

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    168 Whp / 140 Tq

    Posted by Michael Pepperman on Jan 22nd 2020

    Haven't done any fine tuning, just slapped the tune in and dyno'd it. Result was 168 Hp to the wheels which unfortunately was too much power for my old clutch to handle lol... but I was very happy and puts me in a good position for TT with NASA. Thanks Bryan!

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    Just go ahead and do it

    Posted by Alan Osborne on Jul 24th 2019

    Bryan did an amazing job and this single upgrade has made a very noticeable improvement on my 06. It is an automatic and I am still riding the heavy 18 inch rims it came with. Despite all that extra weight the tune brought my car to life. I can now do things that on a Miata you normally need a manual transmission to do. The solution is like Ecutek but much less expensive, and is far easier for the end user. Lots of things I can do myself are included in the software. Need to turn off dtc’s? Point and click easy. Turn off immobilizer because that system is not working, point and click easy. If I want to learn tuning myself this license can be converted for a one time fee and away I go.

    Five out of five stars easy.

  • 5

    Posted by Jim Douras on Jun 2nd 2019

    You'll be surprised at how much power is being underutilized by a stock tune. Versatuner gave me a modest increase in whp across the board not just top end for an reasonable price on a stock motor. I've got some bolt ons and I can't wait to see the results!

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    N1 Tune = new life

    Posted by [email protected] on May 29th 2019

    I flashed the ECU of my stock NC1 GT last weekend. This is one of the best upgrades I’ve done. A tune may not make your car faster, but it makes it faster at getting up to speed. Improved throttle response and more torque in the midrange are quite evident. I don’t have ready access to a dyno, but the performance charts of similarly equipped cars are very believable. The bottom line is this tune makes my care more fun to drive.