Premium Setrab Oil Cooler Component Kit by Fab9Tuning

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Engine oil is responsible for a MUCH larger percentage of engine cooling than most people give it credit for. That being said, cool engine temps are also not the only reason this oil cooler kit might be a good idea for your build.  

We all know oil viscosity is very important, engine oil is rated on what's called a "Viscosity Index", this index shows the change in viscosity between hot and cold oil.  Your engine clearances are designed for a specific thickness or viscosity of oil and this thickness changes greatly with oil temperatures.  For this exact reason, we’ve put together this kit with a premium thermostatic oil adapter plate to properly regulate temperatures. Just like the thermostat in the cooling system of your Miata, this sandwich plate blocks the flow of oil to the Setrab oil cooler to allow the engine oil to get to operating temperature before starting to do it's job. Warming oil up is just as important as keeping it within operating temps.

This kit contains all of the premium components you'll need for installation.  The pieces of this kit have been carefully selected to serve a very functional purpose.  

Key Features:

  • Our AN lines are Black Nylon (steel reinforced) to avoid damage to other components on the car and to remain light weight.
  • The Mocal Thermostatic Oil Sandwich plate was picked because of it’s large success in motorsport and the compact integration of the thermostatic valve.
  • Two different oil cooler options to suit the needs of the daily spirited driven setup to a full blown track monster.
  • A mounting solution that isolates the core from heat transfer and vibration and allows a number of installation opportunities

Kit Includes:

  • Setrab 600 Series Oil Cooler (choose from 16 or 25 row configurations)
  • 10ft of -10AN Black Nylon (Stainless Steel lined) hose
  • 2x Setrab low profile -10AN Fittings
  • 2x Setrab -10AN Fittings 
  • Setrab temperature and vibration isolated mounting bracket
  • Setrab sandwich plate adapters
  • Setrab Sureflow - Thermostatic Sandwich Plate 180*F

*Notice - The Mocal plates are no longer available, the Sureflow units are serviceable and out perform the previously offered Mocal units. 

  ** There is a 10% restocking fee on all returned Oil Cooler kits**

1 Review

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    Excellent collection of high quality parts!

    Posted by Paul S. on May 19th 2015

    The Setrab Oil Cooler kit put together by Fab9 is about as complete of a kit that you could ask for when looking to install an oil cooler. It is put together of all very high quality components with more than enough -10AN nylon braided line for any practical installation of the oil cooler. The nylon braided line is also nice because it eliminates concerns of rubbing through wiring or any other lines/hoses. Overall an excellent combination of parts that left me very pleased with my purchase.