Fab9Tuning GT Turbo Kit (NC 06-15)

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$4,550.00 $4,150.00
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Ready to double the output of your NC? Our new GT Turbo System aims to deliver with minimal installation intrusion and a very complete hardware offering, in one package. Powered by a genuine Garrett turbo, sized appropriately for both the 2.0L and the 2.5L, you'll see incredibly responsive gains, globally across your powerband. 

This kit features components that share roots in our proven EFR Bottom Mount system - this has given us a tremendous leg up in development since we've been leading the turbocharged NC space for 5+ years now and it was surprisingly simple to achieve the savings with this system. 

The Manifold top mount was the weapon of choice with this system. Offering a bulletproof cast manifold with one of the best collector designs we've seen, both from other cast manifolds and fabricated tubular versions. 

The Intercooler is a full bar and plate, with high fin density. Each end tank is of stout cast aluminum - With a 3" thick core, we achieve peak efficiency without any additional, wasteful volume to delay your spooling. Our full aluminum, tig welded charge pipes feature the shortest route possible to keep efficiency at it's peak. With peak thermal and velocity efficiency in mind, our charge pipes step up in size from 2" a the compressor housing, 2.5" at the intercooler and 3" at the maf tube. This maintains velocity and each time the charge pipe diameter increases, it causes the air to cool. The mounting of the intercooler is a sturdy laser cut, tig welded bracket that utilizes two existing holes in the chassis. 

The Turbocharger options vary, the base kit will include a GT2860RS. A turbo that is versatile across each displacement option available with horsepower output from 250 to 360 and a documented ideal displacement range of 1.8L to 3.0L. Us lucky NC folks fall right in the middle of that with each engine option out there. Alternatively you can opt for a number of other options, for larger turbochargers, thermal treatments should be considered on nearby components. 

Easy Installation is promised here. There is a single chassis modification required and it's a 60 second task. No hammering, no tin snips, just a drill. Another HUGE component we're proud of is the manifold/turbo installation itself. It installs as a fully assembled unit! That's right - all of the tight turbo fasteners and downpipe hardware can be assembled ON THE BENCH and then dropped in just like an aftermarket performance header. Remove 1 single engine mount bolt, lift the engine 1" and the whole hot side drops in as a unit.  

Warranty: We cover the workmanship of this system for 2 years. 

What's Included:

  • Garret Turbo - GT2860RS Internally Gated
  • A calibration file for a 2.0L, otherwise stock engine
  • Fuel Injectors Included
  • Base tuning option includes - Calibration file for ECUTEK or VersaTuner
  • Fully Back Purged Tig Welded Fabrication
  • AC + PS Compatible Design
  • Bar and Plate Intercooler - 375whp support
  • Full pre-manufactured stainless PTFE Braided AN line package for the Oil/Coolant - None of those silly rubber hoses and worm clamps!
  • Manufactured lines include heat treatment near the hot bits. 
  • Output ranges from 250hp to 350hp with the included turbocharger 400+ with optional turbochargers.
  • No modification required to fit the manifold/downpipe
  • Billet aluminum multi-port BOV included