Fab9Tuning EFR V-Band Bottom Mount Turbo Kit (NC 06-15)

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We're proud to introduce, without question, the best turbo solution available for the NC MX-5. A truly premium way to maximize the power output of your 2.0L or 2.5L powerplant. We started development with a very forward thinking "no expense spared" attitude and it shows in the final product. The MZR platform is a much more responsive system than the previous gen BP engines and we’re thrilled to take FULL advantage of that with the unrivaled BorgWarner EFR turbochargers. These turbos are leading the aftermarket/OEM industry in performance and reliability - you get MORE power, SOONER with LESS boost and LESS heat output. With a built-in Bypass Valve that is designed to keep shaft speed high during shifts and the best performing internal wastegate V-Band housing on the market, we didn't think twice about choosing EFR as the heart of the NC system.  

The Manifold is FULL stainless steel with a massive 1/2" thick 3D CNC'd flange. Just like our NA/NB kits, to keep a track record of ZERO failures, each runner is precision cut Schedule Stainless material so you don't ever need to worry about fatigue or cracking. Unlike other options out there, we use a full flowing collector run to a V-Band flange for the most efficient and easiest to install solution. Each runner features perfect joints and proper geometry so your manifold looks as good as it flows. We've kept the runners short to maximize response, velocity and for the most engine bay clearance possible. This manifold tucks your turbocharger low, nearly to the subframe, this leads to an incompatibility with right hand drive cars due to the steering shaft location. 

The Intercooler is a full bar and plate, offset turbulator intercooler with high fin density. Each end tank is laser cut and precision tig welded - the end tanks also feature simulation tested air diverters to evenly distribute high flowing air from the compressor housing. With a 3.5" thick core, we have the largest most efficient intercooler when compared to our competition. Our full aluminum, tig welded charge pipes feature the shortest route possible to keep efficiency at it's peak.

The Turbocharger of choice is the BorgWarner EFR 6758. A very versatile turbocharger with large map width for outstanding power potential even at high boost and does it in a small package. Uses the same compact compressor housing found on it's younger brother but with a larger 53.9mm inducer, 67mm exducer compressor wheel to support a remarkable 49lbs per minute max flow rate & up to 450 HP. Very quick spool makes it the perfect choice for the NC MZR engine. If you're looking for more or less, there are direct bolt on options available but this seems to be the best option for anyone as it can be turned down for stock internals and plenty of room to go for the customer who might build a bottom end at some point in the future.

Easy Installation was a large priority during development. If the huge performance advantages of this kit don't do it for you, the ease of installation might single handedly be the reason to purchase our kit. V-Bands have their obvious performance advantages but they bring installation and serviceability to a whole new level of simple. We worked very hard to ensure the removal of your factory components was the most difficult part of the install.

Warranty: We cover the workmanship of this system for 1 year. In race applications circumstances are case by case. Please notice, we do NOT recommend thermal exhaust wrap of any material choice on the manifold or downpipe. Temperatures will regularly exceed 1300F in most applications. It is at these temperatures and above, without proper atmospheric ventilation, the metal can become chemically fatigued as a result. Causing premature failure. 


  • Full Stainless Construction
  • Sch10 Thick Wall 304 Stainless
  • 0.500” CNC’d Flange 1/2" Stainless Flange
  • Manual boost controller included on production models
  • BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger - Internally Gated
  • Fully Back Purged Tig Welded Fabrication
  • High Flow Full 4-1 Merge Collector
  • AC + PS Compatible Design
  • Bar and plate, offset turbulator intercooler to support 515hp (crank)
  • Full Stainless Braided AN line package for the Oil/Coolant - None of those silly rubber hoses and worm clamps!
  • Output ranges from 250whp to 460whp with the included turbocharger 500+ with the 7163 option.
  • No modification required to fit the manifold/downpipe. 


      ** All canceled orders are subject to a 10% restocking fee**

2 Reviews

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    Fab9 Turbo Kit

    Posted by John Vitamvas on Nov 12th 2018

    Overall this is a very well put-together setup. However, there are a few areas which could be improved.

    First, no instructions were shipped with the kit. A few weeks after receiving the kit, I was e-mailed a few pages of instructions, but the pictures were very limited and didn't show details that are critical to get correct for the install, namely the specific location for drilling the engine block to accommodate the oil return. The pictures showing the coolant and oil connections were difficult to decipher, and the wording that went along with them was not very specific.

    The quality of the components appears to be top-notch, with excellent weld penetration and fit. I'm very pleased with the purchase and feel the kit was good value for the money, but some better instructions would be appreciated!

  • 5
    Pricey, but worth every penny

    Posted by John on Sep 15th 2017

    Works as it should, everything fits, install is straight forward (not simple). This + 3'' exhaust = 275 whp on an otherwise stock 2.0. It's easily capable of (a lot) more once I have internals that can hold up to it.