Fab9Tuning Plug & Play Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit

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Expected build time is 3 weeks.

A very clean execution to a generational problem for your 90-05 Miata. These systems are PNP for the 94-05 chassis, 90-93 are installed with a simple 4 wire, hard wired connection. These are indeed compatible with your STOCK ECU and your plethora of aftermarket ECU's. 


Coil-on-Plug conversions:

  • Compatible with NA/NB Stand alone and Factory ECU.
  • Can be installed as wasted spark or full sequential (full sequential prospects should order them accordingly. 
  • Wiring instructions included for each configuration
  • Includes Denso IK27 plugs
  • Tested to 430whp without CDI box
  • CDI compatible for higher boost applications

Tach adapter COULD be needed for the 95.5 and earlier Miata that has upgraded to our Coil On Plug System with the factory ECU. If you install your coil on plug kit on these years and the car starts, but turns off after a couple of seconds, you'll need the TACH ADAPTER

**Due to the nature of the product, returned orders will be subject to a 20% restocking fee**

24 Reviews

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    Stock 99, Feels more Awake

    Posted by David Laffosse on Oct 30th 2019

    I was very skeptical of the other reviews saying it woke up their stock engine but its true (at least for me). Wasn't anything extraordinary, but my motor did feel a little more torquey and a tad more responsive, I honestly was surprised. Install was pretty easy, and it worked as soon as I cranked, for NB1 motors, the coil pack connecting port is at the front of the motor, not at the back and due to the length so you cannot secure the coil pack to the firewall. I luckily had a strut tower brace that I could JB weld a bracket for the pack onto, but others watch out. No reliability issues so far, but the securing rubber rings around the coils that prevent movement don't work too well and mine move around a little bit up and down, but I've never lost spark so far. I'd suggest FAB9 address this issue with a securing bracket.

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    Coil on Plug

    Posted by Jarrell on Jun 22nd 2019

    Currently installed on my 99 turbo. Runs on megasquirt fine. Quick and easy install, and there are step by step videos for people who may not be mechanically inclined. Install difficulty 2/10, very easy.

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    Coil-On-Plug conversion

    Posted by John Ceci on May 18th 2019

    The kit worked great, the instructions confused us a little bit during the install, but I think that was more we were not installing on a Miata, rather a Escort GT. Besides that the kit works great and will be making its debut at Watkins Glenn next weekend.

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    Posted by Shane on Apr 12th 2019

    Super easy install cleaned up the top of the motor very nicely . Call response seems to be improved as well .

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    Posted by Miguel Amaya on Apr 12th 2019

    Plug and Play EASY, good build quality. Instructions were on point. Car idle issue SOLVED!

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    Truly Plug and Play, Lacking some in service

    Posted by Anthony Raynor on Nov 20th 2018

    I am a big fan of this kit. It fit my turbo 99 with no issues and handles 14 psi easily. The car also runs and idles smoother. My only complaint is that the spark plugs which came with this kit did not fit the coil packs. I sent a picture to customer service on FB and they confirmed that they were not the correct plugs. I wanted to get the car on the road so I visited an Advance Auto 30 minutes away and got a set of the correct plugs since that was the nearest store which carried them. Customer Support on FB said they would fix the issue the next day and I told them I would be satisfied if they just sent me a spare set of the correct plugs. I never received a response. I attempted to contact Fab9 several more times over the course of a month and the messages showed they were read but I never received any sort of response. So looking back a month later, the kit is wonderful however I customer service is not the best and I do feel that it was reasonable to ask for a set of spare plugs seeing as how I had paid for the correct plugs included in the overall cost but did not receive a set which could be used.

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    Plug and play

    Posted by Thomas Dyer on Sep 7th 2018

    97 Miata Simple install Engine runs great. Removed old coil. Nice space now. Thanks guys.

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    Coil conversion kit

    Posted by Mphil333 on May 21st 2018

    This kit is simply awesome. Roadster turns over quicker. Running the iridium plugs gives more responsiveness with the gas pedal. Do a rough install to make sure module is firing ok. After confirmation it’s much easier to mount by removing the factory coil on a Miata and mount with zip ties to break lines and available hoses to keep from tapping firewall while driving. It feels like it woke the car up. Works great with entirely new exhaust system w header.

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    Coil Plug & Play

    Posted by Sam on Feb 21st 2018

    I have to say that I didn't think it would be a difference in performance. But I have to honestly say that it is well worth the money. One of the best investment for a miata 5 star easily