Fab9Tuning Plug & Play Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit

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Expected build time is 3 days.

FAB9 has yet another great solution to your Miata performance problems. The factory ignition system is not awful, it just wasn’t intended for the performance that we have in mind for our little roadsters. This ignition system is one of the most complete and easy to install packages available. On top of that, it might be one of the most affordable routes to take!

Mazda Miata MX-5 1990-2005 Mazda Miata 1.8 and 1.6 engine 5 and 6 speed transmissions. This setup will convert your NA coil pack and NB wasted spark setups to an individual Coil On Plug.

NOTICE: EARLY LINK ECU COMPATIBILITY ISSUES - Customers have reported module failure while using the LINK ECU.

NOTICE: HYDRA ECU is not compatible.

NOTICE: If you have a swapped engine, order the kit that matches the vehicle harness, not the engine!

Due to the number of variables, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of all aftermarket engine management systems. We also will not accept returns on Hardwire kits due to the nature of installation possibilities.

As it turns out bench testing has been done to show that the Toyota Coils commonly found in many conversion kits aren't much stronger than the stock NB Miata Wasted-Spark setup. The dwell settings for the Toyota COP are not a very good match for the Miata factory ECU, they will not tolerate the factory dwell settings for long. With our external ignition module you don't have to worry about dwell tolerances, even on the 99-00 cars.

Unlike the Toyota Coils these have the coil windings down the shaft and an external ignitor so they aren't top heavy, they simply need the correct diameter holes to press into, and a spark plug to attach to. The weather seal at the top steps up in size allowing a firm fit for both the NA/NB/NB2 (MSM) valve covers, making them a perfect match.

This kit out of the box is not designed to support huge power numbers. It will support +/- 18PSI when paired with the included 4-Channel Coil Driver. If your setup requires more you can simply upgrade to the AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Module PN:30-2821. Our Pencil Coils paired with the AEM Twin-Fire result in a very serious 1000HP capable spark setup.

- 4 x Pencil Coils, connectors, connector pins, pin lock and weather seals
- 1 x 4 channel ignition coil driver, connectors, connector pins, pin lock and weather seals

- 4 x DENSO spark plugs (compatible with pencil coils)

- 1 x Fabricated harness
- 1 x Install Manual

Easy to follow conversion instructions are included. Support - We're here to help!

NOTICE: At this point these kits are in such high demand they are build to order. There is an estimated 3-4 day build period depending on the current demand. There will be a 15% restocking fee on any order returned (must be un-used and in perfect condition).

19 Reviews

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    Truly Plug and Play, Lacking some in service

    Posted by Anthony Raynor on Nov 20th 2018

    I am a big fan of this kit. It fit my turbo 99 with no issues and handles 14 psi easily. The car also runs and idles smoother. My only complaint is that the spark plugs which came with this kit did not fit the coil packs. I sent a picture to customer service on FB and they confirmed that they were not the correct plugs. I wanted to get the car on the road so I visited an Advance Auto 30 minutes away and got a set of the correct plugs since that was the nearest store which carried them. Customer Support on FB said they would fix the issue the next day and I told them I would be satisfied if they just sent me a spare set of the correct plugs. I never received a response. I attempted to contact Fab9 several more times over the course of a month and the messages showed they were read but I never received any sort of response. So looking back a month later, the kit is wonderful however I customer service is not the best and I do feel that it was reasonable to ask for a set of spare plugs seeing as how I had paid for the correct plugs included in the overall cost but did not receive a set which could be used.

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    Plug and play

    Posted by Thomas Dyer on Sep 7th 2018

    97 Miata Simple install Engine runs great. Removed old coil. Nice space now. Thanks guys.

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    Coil conversion kit

    Posted by Mphil333 on May 21st 2018

    This kit is simply awesome. Roadster turns over quicker. Running the iridium plugs gives more responsiveness with the gas pedal. Do a rough install to make sure module is firing ok. After confirmation it’s much easier to mount by removing the factory coil on a Miata and mount with zip ties to break lines and available hoses to keep from tapping firewall while driving. It feels like it woke the car up. Works great with entirely new exhaust system w header.

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    Coil Plug & Play

    Posted by Sam on Feb 21st 2018

    I have to say that I didn't think it would be a difference in performance. But I have to honestly say that it is well worth the money. One of the best investment for a miata 5 star easily

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    97 miata m edition

    Posted by michael biers on Jan 5th 2018

    first off kit came in 2 days which was awesome. kit came with all instructions very clear not that alot are needed for my year it really just plugs in and boom smooths out your idle. 20 year tech upgrade in 5 mins worth every penny thanks guys

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    Posted by @Blondeguybrandon on Oct 22nd 2017

    Took less than 10 minutes to install, amazing results!!! Smoother rev range, improved spark. Well worth the money. Can't beat the price for brand new products, and not cheap ones. Recommend to anyone with performance in mind.

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    Posted by Charles on Sep 9th 2017

    The FAB9 team has it covered. Ordered on a Friday. Had the system by the next Friday. Ordered the hard wired for 90-93. I had to call 1 time to make sure it is that easy to in stall. If you don't have a TACH adapter. Order the AUTO METER at the same time. Done in less than 2hrs. It took that long because I had to have a beer break. Helps de-clutter the engine bay and really tidy things up.

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    Best with some adjustments

    Posted by John Hinton Jr. on Sep 4th 2017

    Hello, I love the COP kit you guys have made, I was able to install it the night I started and was easily able to go into to boost. There are some things I think would ensure your kit to be the first choice for a swap. First and most important, I think your instructions need to be a bit more detailed. I had to go onto to forums and google and find either different instructions to confirm the cutting and soldering and placement; or I would have to find old photos you have previously used in your instructions. Talking specifically about re-setting up the tachometer, with or without a PNP ECU would be very useful in both sets of instructions. Most important about the instructions was the comment a friend and I both came up with while doing the install; "the directions seem simple for the guy who does this day in and day out, and hard for the guy who just bought the kit." Next and Secondary, a harness that matches the igniter harness so to minimize the confusion in cutting and soldering would be useful to the swap and probably not too expensive to integrate into your design.These simple suggestions can either make the install less stressful on the customer and/or greatly increase your company's popularity with this kit. Thank you for listening and I hope to get more parts from you soon.

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    really great product and awesome customer service

    Posted by Spenser Moore on May 17th 2017

    Had this product for a little over a year a few months ago my warranty was up and I had a small problem with the igniter going out and Fab 9 was nice enough to send me a replacement​ free of charge with next day shipping even though my warranty was a few days up it help me out a ton they have great customer service and if I need anything else from them I'll definitely will buy from them again over all the product is great made my car run much better then with the stock setup which I have had a ton of issues with I would strongly recommend this kit to anyone and a must do to there Miata plus it looks great to.