Fab9Tuning 4-Channel Ignition Coil Driver

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Fab9Tuning 4-Channel Coil Driver

This product was designed and manfactured specifically for us to meet the needs of our Plug and Play ignition systems.  We have tried a number of brands with little to no success when working with the factory ECU or earlier Megasquirt systems due to the strength of the trigger output signals. We've worked with the manufacturer to determine exactly what type of moduel was needed for the job and here we are - as a bonus it's less than 1/2 the cost of it's Bosch branded counter part!


  • 1x Ignition Module

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    If you had issues before, consider them solved.

    Posted by james annis on Oct 16th 2017

    I was delighted to learn that fab9 switched to a module which triggers off of a lower voltage. This is excellent for those rust belt and rust hell (new england) cars which experience inevitable voltage loss in corroded grounds. my car, running the older module, changed manner and smoothness radically when the replacement module was installed.
    NOTE: It is vitally important that this component is hard mounted to a flat metal surface. use both mounting holes as the metal to metal contact will dissipate heat and ensure longevity in the module.