MX-5 NB 90-05 Carbon Fiber Hardtop

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Beautiful, Carbon Fiber Hardtop from DG Motorsports.
- Includes rear non-glass MOLDED, FULL SIZE window
- Includes front, side and rear mounting brackets
- Includes side window seals and rear deck seals
- Finished with a clear topcoat
- Superior fit, top quality - BEAUTIFUL!

NOTE: This model is called a "street" model because it comes with weatherproofing seals and a molded rear window. It is not, however, a factory hardtop. First of all, it weighs less than half of a factory top - this makes it super easy to put on and take off, but does not keep out the road noise quite as well as one twice its weight. The mounting brackets are custom made for the top, and the window seals, although effective, are not molded to the window like those in a factory top. The molded rear window looks great and is weather-proof, however it is not glass, and does not have a defrosting option. Bottom line - this is a very nice top, easy to install, and looks great - but it is not a factory top, and will not provide exactly the same the comfort/noise reduction that a factory top will.

The hardtop is shipped via freight carrier. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your hardtop to be built and shipped.

This hardtop ships via freight carrier and you need to provide a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS for shipping or you will incur an additional charge for residential delivery.
This is a great hardtop top, nicely finished, and well priced, but please note that although this is a really nice hardtop, it is NOT a factory top, and does not provide quite the noise reduction that a 60 pound top with a glass window will.