MeisterR Sportive Coilovers - NA/NB MX-5 90-05

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The Sportive coilovers is a height adjustable sport suspension designed to work well for every day performance.
The goal of the Sportive suspension is provide great ride quality, sharp handling, all while sitting at a lowered ride height.

The Sportive use 6kg/mm front springs, 5kg/mm rear springs, and are paired fixed damping twin-tube dampers.
The out of the box ride height setting is 12.2″ Front / 12.6″ Rear ( 310mm Front / 320mm Rear).

The ride height setting range are optimised between:
Front:  11.8″ to 13.5″
Rear:  12.0″ to 14.0″

This wide range of height adjustment allows the Sportive to cater to most customers need from low to the ground to almost OEM ride height.

The Sportive damper valving were developed in house at our UK R&D workshop, and are matched to the paired springs rate.
Ride quality of the Sportive will be supple, compliant, and will ride well over uneven road surfaces.
It won’t be as responsive as the mono-tube dampers used on the MeisterR ZetaCRD, but will certainly feel much more controlled than OEM.
One would say the Sportive would be an “OEM+” option, sporty performance but certainly not track dedicated.

The Sportive suspension will come with aluminium top mounts pre-assembled (Rear top mounts are extended), ready to be mounted on the car out of the box.
The damper bodies are electroplated to enhance corrosion resistance.
Bump stop, rubber dust cover, and 1-year warranty are included.