MX-5 NC 06-14 Street Hardtop Fiberglass

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NEWLY DESIGNED!! MX-5 Fiberglass Street Hardtop.
- Extra light weight! (18-20 pounds)
- Rear non-glass shatterproof window
NEW! All new mounting brackets, lightweight aluminum. Front, side and rear.
- Molded rear non-glass window with black trim for great looks
- Side window and rear deck seals provided. These are not factory seals, but work fine to keep out the weather.
- Great fit and finish.
This hardtop ships via freight carrier and you need to provide a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS for shipping or you will incur an additional charge for residential delivery.
This is a great hardtop top, nicely finished, and well priced, but please note that although this is a really nice hardtop, it is NOT a factory top, and does not provide quite the noise reduction that a 60 pound top with a glass window will. Also, you WILL want to paint this - it comes in a black gelcoat finish, and should be sent to a body shop for prep and paint. If you like, you can simply have it shot in a glossy clear coat, but we recommend a professional paint job to match your color scheme.