The Big Wáng Kit - NC MX-5 06-13

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That sought after GT3 performance is now a bolt-on for your NC MX-5! As we continue to increase power output on this chassis, it's become glaringly evident that horsepower and lightness are a combination for loads of fun. But in a parallel line, any good build should consider the ability to apply said horsepower in the most efficient manner. 

That's where NINE LIVES RACING comes into the picture. Incredible measures in down-force without producing the parasitic drag that it typically accompanies. With a founder who's very in-touch with the grass roots side of racing and forever-term involvement in the Miata community, he's found a way to take the raw material and makes them readily available to the public as a working part. Best wing in class. 15.2:1 Lift to drag ratio, nothing else comes close. A built-in gurney flap relief for down-force adjustments in seconds.  


  • Light Aluminum construction .2lbs per inch
  • By default, Gurney flap ready 
  • An incredible 15.2:1 Lift Drag ratio possible*
  • low drag = more top speed!
  • Made right here in the USA
  • Track Tested, Track Proven

What's included?

  • Wing sized to your car
  • NLR “basic” End plates 10"x8"
  • Wing mounts- welded at 40" 
  • Stainless Steel hardware

Upgrade Endplates To MEGA end-plates:

  • 12"x10.75" huge end-plates
  • NASA legal
  • AOA adjustment

All wangs are built to order. 

Please allow time pre orders, 2.5-3 weeks for production wings. Uprights not built by NLR will ship from the manufacturer. If they are not in the box don’t worry, they will arrive soon. Wings are shipped raw. material coating is up to you. Paint, Powder coat, or vinyl wrap is recommended for wings exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.