Miata - Coolant Reroute Spacer v2

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Use this spacer to reroute the coolant outlet to the rear of the cylinder head and eliminate the factory hot spots found in the rearmost cylinders. Pair this with our Coolant Block Off Plate to eliminate the factory outlet at the front of the cylinder head.

***Now selling Version 2, that is a bit thicker for ease of install**

NOTE: This does not include the thermostat housing, fasteners or gaskets at this time. These items will need to be purchased and installed with the spacer. Installation is tight, but can be done with the engine installed however we prefer to do it with the engine out.

Includes: (1) Miata Reroute Spacer (1) Heater Hose Nipple (1) Top Port Plug


(Optional Install Kit Items)

You can optionally add gaskets, Stant 180* Thermostat, water neck, and fasteners to complete the install. This can be selected below. The 4th & 5th photo shows these items.