ND MX-5 Mata Wilwood 4 Piston Big Brake Kit

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Wilwood has been supporting the Miata platform for decades and the ND was an opportunity they jumped on quickly.  Forged Dynalite ProSeries kits provide high performance, big brake stopping power by combining modern brake technology with high-tech styling to update the brakes on your compact sport vehicle. The OE calipers and rotors are replaced with forged aluminum, four-piston calipers mounted over larger diameter, certified alloy 30-vane vented iron rotors. The new two-piece rotor assemblies provide weight-saving forged aluminum mounting hats. The calipers feature an increase in effective piston volume to deliver higher clamping power with less pedal effort than stock. The thicker, vented rotor design adds cooling efficiency and durability to extend service life. BP-series SmartPads add high-response with increased resistance to fade and longer wear over typical OE replacement pads. Options for caliper colors and rotor styles are available to personalize the look on any car. For on-track driving enthusiasts, additional track-only fortifications are available on a custom order basis by contacting the technical staff at the factory.


  • Forged 4 Piston Calipers finished in a Red Powdercoat or a Black anodized finish
  • 2x 12.19" 48 Vane Count Rotors for maximum heat dissipation
  • All hardware and billet brackets are included
  • High performance street pads included