GM 3 Bar Map Sensor w/Install Kit NC 06-15

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The pressure inside your intake manifold is extremely important input to the ECU. A quality MAP sensor is crucial to your engines performance. These sensors will respond to changes in manifold pressures and relay the information to the ECU in the form of a voltage signal ranging.  This is a great combo with any aftermarket ECU for accurate, reliable and proven performance.

Each kit will include the follwoing:

  • 3 Bar Map Sensor
  • Flying lead pigtail
  • T-Tap
  • Instructions
  • Clamps required for installation
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Marine Style Connectors


MAP Sensor Range (bar) 3 bar
MAP Sensor Range (psi) 44 psi (28PSI Usable)
MAP Sensor Style GM, Bosch, MOTEC