Nov 2nd 2022

HKS GT2 vs Edelbrock vs Stock - ND1 shootout!

HKS GT2 vs Edelbrock vs Stock - ND1 shootout!

Hey guys, based on some recent chatter on the forum here, this car couldn't have been wrapped up at a better time. A local customer brought in his ND1 last week, looking for boost options. The ND1 in it's current state is exactly the opportunity we need to compare hardware since it's not limited by tuning software or fueling shortages, like the ND2 is.

There has been discussion about the Edelbrock "responding better down low" due to the nature of a roots style supercharger. Apples to apples, this would be true. But in practice, the blower size in both the HKS and EB systems play a huge role in why that's not the case.

The HKS blower is a fairly high volume supercharger that's intentionally restricted per application across the platforms they use this SC on. This is done with outlet reduction and appropriately sized pulley options. What that means is if the pulley has hardy revolutions at a low engine RPM and it's restricting the flow up top with an outlet reduction the results are really impressive everywhere on the powerband.

The Edelbrock system is fantastic, we still sell and tune several of these a month. But the blower is just limited. You'll spend another 5k manipulating that TVS900 sized blower to produce the numbers we just did on a fairly untouched ND1, right off the rip with the HKS GT2 system.

You can see the following below:

Stock ND1 base line pull
Edelbrock ND1, typical results, very repeatable
HKS ND1 + Skunk2 Alpha Series Header

Let's talk about what's needed to get to this point on an ND1. You'll need the HKS supercharger itself, of course. This car is equipped with the Skunk2 Alpha Series stainless header (completely optional). ECUTEK tuning suite and a calibration. That's it. Keep your eye on a clutch, but it's not a requirement. The stock clutch seems to hold up well enough for a fairly good bit of time, although it's certainly overworked.

Looking to do this on an ND2? You'll need the HKS supercharger, M-Cal Fuel Injectors and we have not determined how to identify the ND's that require a fuel pump but in the case of our 22 RF, we needed an Upgraded Fuel Pump. For tuning the ND2, you'll run the VersaTune software package with our calibration.

As it sits, the ND2 makes great numbers using this kit/software. There are now around 30 or so ND2's outfitted accordingly and folks dig it. But it's about to improve with the upcoming changes to a VT release that allow for more accurate control of engine load and fueling. Once these changes are implemented we expect the same or better, down low grunt seen here on the ND1.