Fab9 Forced Induction Camshafts - 1.6L Engines

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It's often overlooked but one of the most effective ways to utilize the modifications you've made to your BP engine setup. Let's face it, who doesn't want to get the most out of their purchase? Your factory camshafts were designed to create flow and velocity based on having to draw air into your combustion chamber using vacuum. That's a brilliant process but flow dynamics change dramatically when you introduce forced induction via turbochargers or superchargers. 

We've taken the best results from current market offerings and designed our own camshaft profiles to bring you a more complete power band solution.

 Turbo Camshaft Options:

  • 264/264 TURBO cams. Suits mild turbo applications 250-385HP. Requires Valve Spring Upgrade
  • 272/272 TURBO cams. Suits heavily modified turbo applications 325-450HP. Requires Valve Spring Upgrade. 

NOTICE: This is a camshaft exchange service, years back our previous go-to camshaft stopped producing their cams because of the shortage on blanks so we will require the exchange. Instructions will be emailed to you upon purchase completion.