Fab9 Elite NC MX-5 Performance Intake Manifold

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Taking on the task of producing an intake manifold is not a napkin sketch away from being a success. It requires expertise in several areas. True engineering, savvy manufacturing, calibration experts, exposure and trust. We WILL deliver results on all fronts.

I'd like to introduce you to what we're calling the Elite Manifold: This complicated project of passion aims to be the end-all-be-all of induction. Resonance tuning plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance of a 4-stroke engine's intake manifold. Resonance tuning involves the manipulation of the length and geometry of the intake manifold runners to take advantage of the pressure waves and resonance effects generated during the engine's operation. With fancy math, we can theorize with a bit of confidence on what this engine calls for. Especially based on results we've seen with other contenders in the past. It's easy to see why they do what they do.

Broadened Power Band: Resonance tuning allows for the creation of an effective power band, which is the range of engine speeds where the engine performs optimally. By carefully selecting the dimensions of the intake manifold runners, the resonance frequency can be tuned to match the desired engine speed range, ensuring better performance across a wider range of RPMs. This broader power band enhances drivability and responsiveness, making the engine more versatile in various driving conditions.


  • Full robust aluminum construction
  • Velocity Stack Runners
  • 2 piece Runner/Plenum Design
  • 70mm Throttle Body Opening
  • Includes an OEM MAP and PCV components
  • Includes adaptation for your EGR system
  • Gasket and hardware included


   **There is a 10% restocking fee on returned or cancelled manifolds**