EGR Block Off Kit Duratec/MZR

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Eliminate bulky, performance robbing EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system with Massive's comprehensive kits. The factory uses this system comply with government emissions regulations. It pumps HOT exhaust gasses back into the intake manifold - drastically raising your inlet temps, and of course filling the intake charge with non combustible spent pollutants. Naturally the result is a less dense and less potent mixture resulting in less horsepower.

Billet aluminum construction ensures proper seal! All stainless hardware looks great and gives proper clamping. Includes necessary barb fitting or vinyl cap/stainless hose clamp for rerouting of factory coolant line - an additional benefit will be lower coolant temps, again, increasing overall performance. Weight savings of nearly a pound off the front end of vehicle. Simple 1 hour install with basic hand tools. This item is for off road / show use only. Will cause a check engine light to illuminate. No adverse effects to operation, check engine light easily eliminated in ECU tuning.



  • 2.0,2.3 and 2.5L MZR/Duratec Engines - NC MX-5 Swap