Duratec/MZR Balance Shaft Delete Kit BSD

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If you're in the middle of a swap or this isn't your first rodeo, you'll notice a large parasitic drag chunk of iron attached to the main cap of your Duratec/MZR donor engine. This Duratec/MZR Balance Shaft Delete BSD Kit eliminates that drag and frees up excessive engine rotational drag by removing the balance shaft assembly from your new engine. The heavy balance shaft assembly (An ASTOUNDING 19 POUNDS!!!) can be easily removed allowing your engine to respond faster.

There are no adverse effects caused by removing the balance shafts. Adds REAL horsepower and allows engine to rev FASTER! Install can be completed with basic hand tools in about an hour. Includes full color photographic install instructions.

As an inventory shortage we've been substituting this kit with no anodized kits using Viton seals. It will not arrive purple and carries the same functionality.