MZR/Duratec Performance Camshafts

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We have developed a proven combination of camshafts for your Duratec/MZR platform. With countless hours assembling cylinder heads and hundreds of miles logged on the dyno, we're confident these are the best performing in each category with the very minimal losses outside of targeted power bands. Each camshaft is produced from a virgin, OEM Mazda camshaft to ensure optimum quality and the most lash accuracy.

Which grind is for me? Most of our customers will fall into the "Race Series" bucket. These are the most aggressive and highest output camshafts when used with the factory 2.0L and 2.5L pistons and they are still incredibly drivable with minimal idle inmpact. So for you guys looking to make the best out of your Ford donor engine, without cracking into the internals, Stage 2 is your camshaft. If you've built an engine for forced induction or high compression, the Stage 3 is the performer.  230+whp capable naturally aspirated and the flood gates of air truly shine when used with a forced induction power adder like our EFR Turbo System or a Supercharger platform. Still netting over 200whp the Stage 1 Camshafts aren't far behind the Stage 2 results. With even less modification required (no valve springs), the Stage 1 cams are drop in, dramatic power adders.

What are the requirements? Stage 1 camshafts can be dropped in an otherwise factory 2.0,2.3 or 2.5 cylinder head for a painless kick in power output. Stage 2 camshafts can also be dropped into a factory head but it's recommended you consider a spring upgrade when used in applications outside of spirited street use. Stage 2 camshafts only have a valve pocket clearance of .040" using a cylinder head that's not milled and a standard MLS gasket thickness. The Stage 3 configuration requires both the use of springs and an aftermarket or modified piston. The OE piston valve reliefs can be fly cut for clearance but it's best to throw a proper set of slugs in for ultimate reliability.


Turbo Spec: .400"/.397" (Turbo duration - Increased spool rates, VVT values achievable to optimize top end power as well)

Street Series: .401"/.397" 

Race Series: .402"/.401"