Wilwood Forged Superlite 6 Piston Brake Kit 06-14

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Many of us often overlook the importance of having a capable braking system in place to handle the extra power being generated by our performance-tuned dream machines. Prime examples are street-driven Miatas dropping 250-plus hp utilizing the factory braking system. You'd think a vehicle making two to three times more power than stock would have a braking system to match, but most people overlook this aspect of vehicle performance.

May we remind you that Miatas were originally designed as an economy roadster, not a race car. The factory braking system was designed with econobox speeds in mind, not triple-digit speeds. Ever try coming to a complete halt from 100 mph in a Miata? It's not the best stopping vehicle.

Track-ready oriented performance and high-tech style come with oversized rotors, forged billet Dynapro calipers, and high performance Wilwood SmartPads. These big brake stoppers are loaded to provide the perfect look with your wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades. These front hat kits are fully compatible with OE master cylinder output, while retaining full factory ABS functions. The choice is yours for big stopping power--choose Wilwood Forged Dynapro Big Brake front hat kits.

These will fit under a 17" wheel.