Toemi Limited Slip T-TRAX ADVANCE LSD

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The factory LSD is not a Torsen style differential like the previous generations. Instead Mazda cut some costs here by running a Tochigi Fuji Sangyo unit. The T-TRAX ADVANCE “is the most effective LSD unit available” & has the best overall advantage in comparison with the other aftermarket products available today. Amazing penetrating angles at the time of Drift, with such persistence in the accuracy of line taking and all aspects of cornering, the T-TRAX ADVANCE shows amazing efficiency with the aggressive cam angles which is optimum for drifting the friction clutch discs also has a larger surface area, furthermore with the use of the coil spring discs and the high setting of initial torque which is raised higher than any other brands in the market today.

The Toemi 2.0 unit powers both drive wheels under all conditions, instead of just one or a combination of scenarios where one wheel is favored. With the factory open differential, power is lost when wheel spin happens. With the factory LSD, power is lost when the cone style LSD washes between your rear wheels in a method that seems unintentional and sloppy. 

As you might understand, an open differential transfers power to the wheel with the LEAST amount of grip (the path of least resistance). This Quaife unit does just the opposite. It mechanically reacts which wheel has the most grip or resistance and biases power to that wheel. It does this more consistently than a factory LSD, allowing you to roll into power earlier when exiting a corner.

For those of you running any sort of power adders or our own Fab9 EFR Turbo System, a limited slip is a MUST. It's a bit like training for a marathon and then competing on one leg (hence the term pegleg differential). All the power in the world doesn't mean anything unless it can be applied.

This diff operates in an ideal manner under any driving condition:

  • Straight line: Near 50/50 operation
  • Road Racing: The diff favors the outside wheel, reducing inner wheel spin, allowing the driver to accelerate earlier.


NC MX5 - 06-15 - ALL