Super20 Fender Flare Set NC 09-14

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The Mazda MX-5 Super 20 edition is so limited that there was only one built. However, by adding these fender flares, which are an accurate reproduction, and adding 20mm wheel spacers, your car can achieve the look of the Super 20. There is no body work involved or tools other than masking tape. Made from industrial strength urethane, these are attached with 3mm UHB tape, which won't harm your paint. They can be painted to match your car's color, or simply hit with some flat or satin black. Make your car stand out from the crowd! NOTE: FITS NC MIATA

We installed these on our Fab9 EFR Turbo NC to allow for some serious tire clearance. After the install we successfully installed a meaty set of 275 Drag Radials in the rear - the fitment was exactly what we were looking for.

Install Notes:
These aren't your typical eBay quality fiberglass aftermarket body panels, they are constructed of a PREMIUM urethane that comes ready to paint! No trimming to fit your car, no drilling to secure either since they come with 3M body panel adhesive ALREADY installed. Just paint, peel, stick, win. 

These are a build to order product - there is a typical 2 week estimated lead time. 

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