StopTech C-43 Big Brake Kit - NC MX5

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Looking for a street friendly big brake kit for your high output NC Miata? The StopTech C43 brake upgrade is built for ultra light weight and to avoid adding more mass where it's simply not needed. The trend in brake kits has been "bigger is better" and that's just not the case all the time. Sometimes bigger brakes just add more weight without any appreciable gains in performance. The larger kits also suffer pad knockback and force you into a larger tire/wheel for clearance. It's time to re-focus braking performance on what counts! 

The C43 caliper is a 4-piston layout, forged from aluminum, sized and machined to minimize weight. The C43 is 50% lighter than a ST40 caliper and even lighter than the Trophy kit! Stainless steel piston noses and anti-knockback springs are optional. A single bridge bolt saves weight and reduces pad change times. C43 calipers do not include dust boots so street use should be minimized.