SPAL 12" High Performance Low Profile Fan

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Spal fans are built to meet rigorous cooling requirements for various applications and this fan won't fall short on your Miata. We use two of these fans in our own 500whp NB Miata with a rear mounted radiator - this means they are 100% responsible for the cooling of our overworked 1.8L engine since there is much less airflow naturally occouring.  They're durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR and professional racing teams.  Spal manufactures these fans from sturdy plastic and they feature a fully sealed waterproof/dustproof motor. Plus, each fan is individually balanced for long life. Spal fans can be mounted to any radiator with universal brackets and shrouds (not included).


  • 909 CFM
  • Puller Style (OEM Miata Postion)
  • 10 Curved Blades (curved for lower noise while operating)
  • 12v
  • Thickness: 2.011in