Performance Engine Mounts

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There is something to be said about getting in a car that feels firm.  It gives you a sense of confidence and quality in the car you're driving.  These mounts drastically improve on Mazda's original equipment.  The re-designed mount literally takes a whole new direction when dealing with torque.  If you're the weekend Auto X type, expect more predictable shifting.  If you're in a boosted configuration, expect less drivetrain slop or that feeling of wheel hop that occurs when your factory mounts allow your drivetrain to flex and "bounce" back into place under heavy loads.

All the way around this is one of the more noticeable improvements to the way your beloved roadster feels.  We've personally destroyed 3 sets of OE and Mazda Speed mounts on our NB Miata and as usual, we're now offering our customers something that we trust.

When choosing the bushing duro keep in mind the limited amount of material that's actually being used with this design.  70D will feel firm, in fact we really recommend this for EVERY application unless you're looking for someting with extremely little to no vibration isolation.

11 Reviews

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    Could Not Be Happier

    Posted by Ian on Sep 5th 2018

    Finally got around to replacing my 226k motor mounts in my 91 Miata with these. Got them after watching Greg Peters video about them on the CarPassionChannel. Was not disappointed at all. Have about 100 miles on them and vibrations are already starting to go down with the softest bushings. Wouldn't put then in a daily, but in a weekend warrior, they are amazing!
    If you can't deal with vibrations, and want a smooth ride, these are NOT for you. If you want to tighten up the front end, and can deal with a vibrations at 500-2000 rpm, you'll love these.

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    Quick shipping, SOLID construction

    Posted by Jacob Ortega on Aug 26th 2018

    These mounts feel amazing. Great quality and simple install. Bushing is already inside mount. Highly recommend if the engine is already out and you want to replace the mounts while you're at it.

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    Solid shifting

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 1st 2018

    250whp miata no longer making the 2 - 5 shift. 70 duro is enough for my power level. Very high quality mounts. Increased NVH but has settled down a bit after a couple hundred miles. I dont even notice it anymore. Buy these to stop missing gears and bring back that precise, sharp feeling to your shifts.

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    Best Mounts

    Posted by Sam on Apr 13th 2018

    One Of the Best Engine Mounts I have Bought I have destroyed many OEM ones.

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    AWR Motor Mounts (88)

    Posted by Michael on Mar 24th 2018

    Replaced my worn out factory mounts with a set of these in 88 durometer. Eliminated almost all drivetrain slop and also gave the car a more responsive turn in. NVH increased by a large amount, even after bedding in, but this is not an issue to me (however, it can be for some).

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    Holy Moly

    Posted by Eric on Jan 11th 2018

    These are great mounts. I've had about 8 different miatas (5 NA miatas, 2 NB miatas, and 1 MSM) and they all had the same issue - TONS of drivetrain slack. These mounts corrected that on my most recent 1996 Miata with a BP4W swap. Shifting is very precise. The NVH is on par with what everybody else has mentioned here. It's not unbearable. I'm currently dd'ing this right now, and it's totally bearable. Would I take a girl on a first date in this thing? Probably not though... 5/5 otherwise, though. Makes the car feel so much more solid.

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    You Simply Can’t Get Any Better Than This

    Posted by Hashem A. on Nov 17th 2017

    For my performance street car build... this product is golden! I will admit the NVH is pretty unbearable at first, especially with the Miata’s already inherent rattling interior, but drive it for about 100 - 300 miles and almost all of it goes away. Moving on from the NVH (which is very much bearable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the DD Miata’s our their), I combined this with delrin differential bushings from GarageStar and let me just say... my shifter has never been so steady in my life and the shifting... never ever dealt anything better (I’m running a Miata Roadster short throw shifter kit also)! Needless to say, if your nodding the miata for track days, auto cross events, canyon runs, or just adding more power... all the upgrades I’ve listed above should be somewhere high up on your new parts list. Love the product(s) and absolutely love the service and help I got from the guys at Fab9Tuning! Keep up all the great work!

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    Posted by Chase on May 11th 2017

    2004 Mazda Miata Mazdaspeed
    95 Durometer Performance Mounts

    Pros: Never miss any gear.
    Cons: Vibration

    Comment: I do not feel annoyed or bothered when driving my car with street tires around the town.

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    Quality Product

    Posted by Dustin Patton on Apr 20th 2017

    Worked great looks great .