RoadsterSport MX5 NC Miata Front Shock Tower 'X' Brace

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One piece is MUCH stiffer than the multi-piece alternatives! LIGHTEST Shock Tower Brace on the market for NC, featuring an ultra stiff internally reinforced aluminum construction in the "X" design for maximum strength. Just 3.5 pounds! Finished with a durable powder coat finish. The aluminum bar possesses high rigidity and resists flex while stiffening up your engine bay for better steering response and less front cowl shake. Most easy way to reduce NVH. This bar for the NC Miata also connects to the firewall.

Made in the USA, carries a lifetime warranty!

Strong AND lighter!
Many times stronger than the multi-piece factory steel brace and yet lighter too! Factory steel shock tower brace: 4.5 lbs
Other aftermarket steel shock tower braces solve the strength issue of the factory brace, but are far too heavy, the lightest of them starting around 8-9 lbs and they go up from there! RoadsterSport aluminum shock tower brace: 3.5 lbs