RoadsterSport HELMHOLTZ RACE MX5 Miata Muffler

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Designed for maximum FUN on otherwise stock NC Gen Miata!

This MX5 Exhaust was designed for RACING and then modified with a big Helmholtz chamber to kill drone so that even street drivers seeking something fun and light can have max fun without drone!

Yes, this RACE exhaust is on the LOUDER side of our choices but what the racers need to know is that max recorded db usually 80 to 83 db at 50 feet....well within all track and autocross limits and low enough that many will run this MX5 exhaust on their daily driver and love it.

Just 15 pounds means this Miata muffler is barely over half the stock muffler weight! How do we do it? By using a higher than normal perforation rate on the straight through super high density core to get maximum sound suppression with absolutely minimal weight and then we add a substantial Helmholtz chamber to knock down over 46 db in the 120-130 hertz range that most would otherwise perceive as drone. This 15 pound Miata exhaust compares with 19 pounds for lightest of our RoadsterSport Miata Duals and over 26 pounds for the factory exhaust.

Tarnish Alert! One downside of making this minimum weight is no fake double walled tip to keep the outside metal looking pretty, you must expect with this single walled choice that it will tarnish with heat because that's what happens to single walled stainless steel. If that will bother you, get any of our other choices that has a double walled tip and weighs more as a result.


Does NOT include baffle insert like the RoadsterSport Miata Duals, but we offer separate special optional baffle insert. SHIPPING NOTE...ships factory direct to you, in stock now. All POLISHED stainless steel construction and LIFETIME warranty. Uses stock hangers and connects to either our midpipe or the stock midpipe, but if using one of our upgraded midpipes we suggest you move one of the unused extra thick hangers from the rear to the support of the midpipe. None of our singles are enough muffler for most people with header, this was designed for max fun on otherwise stock or near stock Miata. Proudly made in the USA. Includes mounting gasket and hardware.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! The secret is LUBE your hangers well with dish soap so you can get flanges aligned properly, and torque the supplied hardware to NO MORE THAN 25-30 ft/lbs (using more torque will actually bend flange 'ears' in).

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