OpenFlash Header Tuned Header (OFH2) Miata ND 2016+

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After having installed a number of these units, the ND OpenFlash OFH2 is flat out the only one we recommend for your new Miata. 

OpenFlash has tested many aftermarket headers during the development of our OpenFlash off-the-shelf (OTS) maps. So naturally we have taken everything that we learned and applied it to the design of our own tuned MX5 ND header. Unlike other headers that sacrifice low end torque for top end power (or visa versa), the OpenFlash Header wonderfully combines both strengths in one beautifully constructed package. The 1.5″ ID runner diameter and collector design make it also ideal for supercharger setups. Combining great sounds with even greater performance, we believe there is no better header available- at any price. Because this header deletes the primary catalyst, a tune is required to disable the resultant check engine light as well as to maximize engine performance.

Fits 2016-and-up (ND) Mazda MX5.



  • Tuned length runner design yields power gains from 2000 to 7500rpm when combined with OpenFlash Tablet
  • Polished 304SS (stainless steel) mandrel bent tubing (1.5″ primary ID)
  • 1/2 inch think steel flanges
  • Does not require additional o2 sensor patch harnesses
  • Connects to the factory (or any factory replacement) mid-pipe.
  • One Year Warranty