AVO ND Miata Turbo Kit 2016+

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Fab9's Take on the AVO kit:

Mid last year we picked up an ND to develop our own turbo system for the ND. After our incredible quality and results with the NC we were thrilled to get a tig torch to some metal and produce something for the best Miata yet.  After watching the market explode with aftermarket components we put our project on hold and review products as they came into production. That left us with a clear choice, the AVO turbo kit for the ND is incredibly well thought out and priced nicely to boot. 

AVO designed this turbocharger kit specifically for the Mazda ND. AVO includes all the necessary supporting components. The turbo kit incorporates an AVO18/49 water cooled turbocharger with an internal wastegate using a 5psi actuator. The turbo mounts to AVO’s impressive custom stainless steel cast exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is ceramic coated combating excessive heat under the hood. The exhaust manifold was designed to bolt directly to the stock header and AVO’s upgraded ceramic coated stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe). Keeping all that pressurized air cool is no easy task. AVO has you covered by including one of their industry leading aluminum bar and plate front mount intercoolers. The intercooler kit uses AVO’s world-renowned high quality reinforced custom black silicone piping.

AVO didn’t leave anything uncovered when making this turbo kit. AVO includes all the water/oil lines and fittings making this a true direct bolt on kit. No modifications are necessary making this kit an easy install. This turbo kit has been designed to bolt up to the stock air intake box base. AVO includes their Flat Panel Air Filter and Air Box Lid to maintain the OEM look. There’s no need to worry about the fuel system. During extensive testing AVO spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fueling system for a complete bolt on and drive setup. One of the most sought-after features of this kit was AVO’s ability to maintain the OE look! The oversized front mount intercooler has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper beam without trimming or modification. When the hood is popped it would be hard even for an enthusiast eye to recognize anything that’s been modified or tweaked for additional power.