NC Multi-Display Cluster Upgrade - Real Oil Pressure/Temp LCD

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You know that silly "oil pressure" display on your NC gauge cluster, right? Or maybe you thought it was real? Whilst no one is completely sure why Mazda set out to convince us everything will always be hunky dory, sometimes it's just not. The folks at Rotarytronics have come up with a solution that's nearly painless. It's a mulit-display device that will not only use it's own PNP oil pressure/temp sensor to keep you informed, it sniffs the CAN system in your car to display accurate coolant temps as well. So let's count that 3 new streams of useful data to replace the one fake version that came with your car!

The gauge has a built in, high visibility warning algorithm. The value in question will take over the entire real-estate of the screen, alerting you that the threshold has been met, whilst displaying the current temp or pressure. 

At all times the gauge will display your coolant temp, oil pressure and oil temp in the matching color and font found on the rest of your NC gauge cluster. 

The installation does require you to disassemble your factory gauge cluster and solder the 4 wires to tap into your CAN and the power supply for the unit. The installation doesn't need to be done professionally but most automotive electronics shops can handle it with the very detailed set of instructions that come with the kit.