Innovate Ethanol Advanced Gauges

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Innovate ethanol advanced gauges assist you in running a healthy engine with their compact 4-in-1 data display. Monitor and capture up to four parameters in a single digital gauge. These resources allow the user to observe critical metrics for accurate and reliable tuning or log them for review on appropriate software. The OLED display can display deep black levels and is thinner and lighter than an LCD, with a higher contrast ratio. Innovate ethanol advanced gauges are available with or without the ethanol content flex fuel sensor.


  • Ethanol Content %: 0-100%
  • Temp: -40-257 °F (-40-125°C)


  • Gauges, Ethanol Advanced, Digital, Ethanol Content Percentage, Fuel Temp., Boost, Vacuum, Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio, 2 1/16 in., White Numbers, Kit
  • Ethanol Content
    • Error reporting for ethanol content sensor (Digital Display)
  • Fuel Temp
    • Change exterior LED as a fill bar or light a single indicating LED
    • Programmable exterior LED ranges vs. color
    • Programmable unit of measure as °F or °C
    • Programmable fuel temperature warning (outer LED)
  • 2-Configurable analog outputs
    • Ethanol Content: 0v = 0%, 5v = 100%
    • Fuel Temp: 0v = -40 °F, 5v = 257 °F (-40-125°C)