Fluidampr Crankshaft Damper Duratec MZR 2.5/2.0L

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Finally, a viscous performance damper for the MZR/Duratec Engine Family! This is huge for you 2.5L guys as during your swap, you're likely installing your 2.0 or 2.3L static, bonded balancer! This is horrendous for crank harmonics as it's not specifically tuned for the 2.5L rotating mass. Protect your engine. Modifications can compromise your stock harmonic balancer.

Since Fluidampr is a trusted name in motorsports, we're going to skip their already acquired credibility and talk about the fact that this is NASA and SCCA compliant! That's right, you can now properly protect your beloved track dedicated investment without breaking the rules. 

06-15 MX-5 NC - 2.0L Engine/2.5L Engine (duratec) 2.3L Engine

MZR applications using the 60-2 tooth configuration  

Keyed Crankshaft? If you don't know if you have a Keyed setup or not, it's very unlikely you have a keyed crankshaft in your MZR 2.0L or your Duratec 2.5L as they do NOT come keyed from the factory. 2.3L ecoboost engines do, so a lot of the de-stroked configurations do. 

Degree Markings: Engraved
Degree Marking Range: TDC. 10 deg reference mark.
Finish: Black Zinc
Keyway: Dowel pin hole
Length: 1.59”
Material: Steel
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes. 4x grade 12.9 M6 x 16mm bolts.
Required Belt - Tighten tension to avoid replacement
Outside Diameter: 5-1/4”
Safety Rating: SFI 18.1
Weight / Rotating Weight: 5.2 lbs / 3.4 lbs