Firewall Engine Harness Connector/Bulkhead

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Like many of the products we offer develop or sell, it starts as something we'd use ourselves.  This bulkhead can be mounted to the firewall in order to route additional wiring for gauges or in place of your existing engine harness. It's ideal for quick and easy engine removal or to simply clean up the look of your bay.  These are VERY high quality connectors most commonly used in the Aviation and military field. 

Each kit will include the following components:

1x 1.5" Female 32 position firewall bulkhead mount (4 high current 12ga positions, 28 14-22 positions)
1x 1.5" Male 32 position engine side connector
40x Female crimp pins
40x Male crimp pins
1x Template for mounting

Installation will require a crimping tool that supports Open barrel connectors 14-18, 20-22 AWG - we've found these to be available in a number of differnt form factors and prices ranging from $15 to $300. If you don't plan on production wiring we recommend the Greenlee PA1176 Electrical Terminal Crimper found on Amazon. 

These connectors are tested to meet demanding standards as follows:

- 500 cycles of mating and unmating, No mechanical or electrical defects
- 10 g s peak,10-500 Hz No physical damage, No loss of continuity
- 40 g s peak, 3 axes, No physical damage. 6 millisecond duration half-sine pulse No loss of continuity >10 sec
- High Temperature Endurance 1000 hours at 85 C (+185 F) Insulation Resistance > 250 hours at 120 C (+248 F)