AEM EMS4 Universal Harnesses

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AEM offers two sizes of wiring harness for easily installing an EMS-4 onto your racecar or Powersports racing vehicle; an 18" flying lead harness (PN 30-2905-18) and 96" flying lead harness (PN 30-2905-96). Both wiring harnesses have weatherproof connectors and color-coded, silk-screened and bundled wires to ease installation, and are pre-wired for AEMnet, power/ground, CAN and remote USB. The connector, plug, USB and wire seals are weather resistant.

Users who want to create a custom harness can use AEM's EMS-4 Plug & Pin Kit (PN 30-2905-0). This kit is ideal for creating a custom harness that does not require hard wired analog, analog/frequency or to switched-to-ground digital inputs. The EMS-4 Plug & Pin Kit is pre-wired for AEMnet, power/ground, USB and CAN leads, and includes a bag of 20 terminal connectors for populating your inputs.

Harness Options:

  • Mini Harness - 30-2905-0 - AEM’s high-quality mini harness for the EMS-4 includes all necessary plugs and pins to properly wire your 4 Cylinder or smaller engine.  AEM's EMS-4 mini harness includes Pins, USB Cable and EMS-4 Connector prewired for power, ground USB & CAN.
  • Master Wire Harness - 30-2905-96 - AEM’s high-quality, color-coded master wiring harness for the EMS-4 includes everything you need to properly wire your 4 Cylinder or smaller engine in one easy-to-follow configuration. We silk screen each individual wire function onto the body of the wire to ease the installation process and reduce any chance of misidentifying a wire during set-up.  AEM’s EMS-4 96" flying lead with fuse and relay panel wiring harness includes built-in fuses and relays for fans, pumps, auxiliary power, and more.