AEM EMS4 Stand Alone Engine Management

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AEM’s EMS-4 Universal Standalone Programmable Engine Management System seems to be designed for the aftermarket Miata enthusiast. It's affordable, compact and from what we've found offers more features than 100% of the competition in it's price range. It really is the ideal standalone Engine Management System for modified Powersports and four-cylinder race car applications. The EMS-4 was created using AEM's powerful Series 2 hardware and includes all of its advanced features without the unneeded ancillary components.


  • 4 Saturated Injector Drivers
  • 4 Coil Triggers
  • 8 General Purpose Inputs/Outputs
  • Mag or Hall Cam and Crank Inputs
  • O2 Input
  • Knock Input
  • 8 MB Internal Data Logger
  • VSS Hall Input
  • Can Data Stream
  • USB Comm Port
  • Compact (4.8" x 4.55" x 1.44"), weather/shock proof enclosure
  • Utilizes AEMTuner Interface Software
  • System is fully enabled and unlocked – Never pay for Upgrades
  • Context Sensitive Help Eases Tuning Process
  • Maps can be Password Protected by the Tuner to Prevent Unauthorized Usage Sharing
  • Data analysis using AEMdata software.

Harness Options:

  • Fab9Tuning Plug and Play Harness - Direct PNP harnesses are available for each of the NA and NB generations of Miata.  Please see dropdown list.
  • Universal Mini Harness - 30-2905-0 - AEM’s high-quality mini harness for the EMS-4 includes all necessary plugs and pins to properly wire your 4 Cylinder or smaller engine.  AEM's EMS-4 mini harness includes Pins, USB Cable and EMS-4 Connector prewired for power, ground USB & CAN.
  • Universal Master Wire Harness - 30-2905-96 - AEM’s high-quality, color-coded master wiring harness for the EMS-4 includes everything you need to properly wire your 4 Cylinder or smaller engine in one easy-to-follow configuration. We silk screen each individual wire function onto the body of the wire to ease the installation process and reduce any chance of misidentifying a wire during set-up.  AEM’s EMS-4 96" flying lead with fuse and relay panel wiring harness includes built-in fuses and relays for fans, pumps, auxiliary power, and more.