Fender Hardware Kit w/Rivnuts for Plastic

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Want to dress up your engine bay a bit? Need more pieces of flare for your local car club meets? We've got you covered - these are the same thread pitch as your existing fender hardware on your Miata, also fits a hundred or so other places in your Miata/MX-5. The added benefit of the fender washer kit is that they can also be used as rivets for metal and plastic applications. Each package comes with a base that can be set within a drilled hole to serve as an anchor for the bolt. The washers are made of anodized T6061 Aluminum and the hex bolts are constructed of stainless steel.

Installation tool INCLUDED:

1. Drill hole in the location you'd like to install rivnut
2. Insert rivnut
3. Thread tool into rivnut and tighten until it's secured without play
4. Unscrew install tool and use install fender washer!