Sparco Seat Installation Hardware

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Sparco seat installation hardware is the easiest way to approach your installation. We've seen countless customers get excited about their install and remove their factory seats only to find they need to reinstall them to go buy hardware. On top of that, a lot of the hardware you'd find at a local source won't be available in correct lengths, profiles or for you Pro-2000 guys who need spacers, something might not even be available. Choose the correct kit and qty for your installation. 

Bottom Mount Kit inlcudes:

4 - 25mm Bolts
4 - 16mm Bolts
4 - Locking Nuts
4 - Washers
Side Mount Kit inlcudes:
4 - 25mm Bolts
8 - 16mm Bolts
8 - 25 Locking Nuts
8 - Washers
Spacer Kit includes:
4 - 20mm Aluminum Spacers
4 - 45mm Bolts