Boss Frog - Frog Arms Chassis Braces

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What the heck are Frog Arms?  They are braces that get installed underneath the front fender of the Miata.  They bolt directly to the door frame hinges, and through a small port in the fender, near the shock towers.  The Frog Arms stiffen the unibody both vertically and laterally, and eliminate some of the rattles and shakes common with Miatas.

What do they do?  People who have installed these braces have noticed a significant change in the front end performance. For road tracks, they report the change as similar to adding a front sway bar.  For drifting, they report more stable handling with less bump steering.  For everyday street driving, people report less shakes and rattles going over potholes and railroad tracks.

Note that the Frog Arms make the front end considerably more stiff, thus they will increase the driving feedback.  This will NOT smooth out the ride of the car.  The front sway bars will work much more effectively, and the handling around tight corners will be noticeably changed with the reduce body flex.  Frog Arms are powdercoated green.  See the mounting instructions here.


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