GarageStar Fender Braces (Frog Arms) NA/NB Miata 89-05

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What the heck are Frog Arms?  We forgot about those when Boss Frog stopped producing them. Luckily GarageStar has made improvements on the design, they are lighter and just as effective if not more at solidifying the front end of the car. Garage Star fender braces help eliminate the rattle and cowl shake that you have with some Miatas. Over the past year we’ve been doing numerous amounts of track and street testing on the fender braces. We have gone through 3 different designs before going with our current design. On the track our drivers have found the braces to help with keeping the car stable on high speed turns.For daily use I’ve found that is help my car by getting rid of my mild cowl shake I had at 70 mph and had less rattle and shaking over bumpy roads. It also made the car more stable while having fun on those on and off ramps.