Ultra Duty 2800 Head Stud System - BP Miata 1.6L/1.8L

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Finally an option for those of you running high boost levels that need more clamping force and tensile strength than the typical 8740 chromoly studs on the market. These studs have an incredible UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength beyond the 280 ksi limit of the material). Improvements don't stop with the stud itself, the nut is flanged wider at the mating surface and unlike the competition, heat treated which have a lower failure rate when paired with an equally heat treated stud. We're proud of this kit, but you won't see that in pricing. We give each of our stud lot's a report card to show the material and heat certifications!


  • Larger nut diameter provides superior distribution of clamping load.
  • Stud went through multi-stage FEA engineering analysis to prevent any stress risers caused by threads or geometry.
  • Specialized heat treatment to provide minimal 280ksi yield material while maintaining critical IZOD, Temper, and Elongation at break parameters.
  • Every stud carries material and heat certification, with each lot hardness tested, yielded, and ultimate tensile tested.


  • Stud will be more reusable then competing products at equivalent preload based on it's yield strength being out of range. 
  • Stud is capable of a higher preload without yield.
  • Stud is not easily corroded.
  • Nut size tailored specifically to the Miata Head for better clamping.