TEIN Flex Z Coilovers

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FLEX Z inherits all the features and quality of STREET FLEX but the adoption of new platform allows its price to be set at amazingly low range. FLEX Z, of course, maintains the long-favored "Made in Yokohama" quality. Ride height adjustable shock absorber, fully loaded with TEIN's comprehensive technology, is now more affordable than ever. 

Full twin tube system for a comfortable ride height on the street and the flexibility to perform well on a road course or an auto x. Fully adjustable dampening and ride height. 


  • Fully adjustable 16 level dampening (comp/rebound together)
  • EDFC Compatible for in-car dampening adjustment
  • Full-Length system ride height adjustment without changing stroke
  • Twin tube design for ride comfort
  • Upper Mounts included - full pillow ball design

90-05 Miata
Notes: Flex Z Dampers; For EDFC use EDK05-12120 (Motor)
Manufacturer: TEIN 
Ride Height ADJ Range (F): 0~  -3.2in
Ride Height ADJ Range (R): 0~  -2.4in
Uppermount: Pillowball Mount
Spring Rate (F): 392lbs/in (7kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (R): 336lbs/in (6kgf/mm)

06-2015 Miata
Notes: Type FLEX Damper; For EDFC use EDK05-12120 (Motor)
Manufacturer: TEIN 
Ride Height ADJ Range (F): 0~ -2.4in 
Ride Height ADJ Range (R): 0~ -2.6in
Uppermount: Rigid Mount
Spring Rate (F): 392lbs/in (7kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (R): 280lbs/in (5kgf/mm)


NOTICE: As it's a large item, there is a 5% restocking fee and the actual shipping costs will be deducted form the credit given. Please make sure they fit your vehicle first. 

6 Reviews

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    Chuck LaFrano

    Posted by Chuck LaFrano on Aug 27th 2018

    These are terrific. I had Eibach springs & Koni shocks on my NA and decided to upgrade. These are game changers. The handling went from very good to superb. As a bonus, so did the ride comfort. If you're upgrading your Miata suspension, start with these.

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    Posted by Aaron on Jul 23rd 2018

    The Tein Coil overs were priced at a low cost and worked extremely well as an easily adjustable coil over. The site itself is easy to use and the shipping only took a few days.

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    Tein Flez X

    Posted by justin miracle on May 15th 2018

    Installed on my 08’ Miata PRHT. They feel great! Ultra responsive and not too harsh. Install was pretty straightforward with minimal cursing. Fab9 shipped these to my door in 2 days with flat rate! I am overall impressed with the Tein’s and also with Fab9. Look forward to doing more business with you guys! Do yourself a favor and get these for your NC, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed for this price point.

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    A good buy!

    Posted by Richard G on Mar 30th 2017

    I really like these Coil-overs, with the main point been the price. If you are looking to spend money within this price range they are probably the best bang for buck. I never had stock suspension on my car so can't compare. But they are a million times better than what I had which was Eibach lowering springs and MSM Bilstein shocks.

    I found install pretty simple, adjustment knob is solid and communicates clicks well. The ride quality is firm to communicate the road surface but compromising enough not to break your back. I could happily drive across states on these shocks.

    I don't track or auto x just yet, so can't comment. But pushing them on curved roads I found my car cornered flatter and more planted than my previous setup.

    I had read comments about these shocks been bouncy on forums, I can see this a tiny bit. But its not like your riding in a giant SUV. The bounce is almost unnoticeable. A point to remember with this also is they are 800 bucks, not 1500-2000.

    The main thing I dislike about these coil-overs is actually pretty funny. When your adjusting them the rubber protectors often get caught on the springs when turning and can get tangled up. Its really annoying when your doing a lot of adjustment early on having to untangle the rubber protectors all the time. This issue is caused because they easily touch both the shock and the spring. So when turning the spring or shock in isolation they can spring at the bottom but not at the top and vice versa. All it takes is some nudging around to make sure these rubber protectors don't get caught on the springs when turning. If I was to revise the design I would make them slightly thinner in diameter so they don't run the risk of getting caught on the springs when your making adjustments. As you can probably tell, its a pretty minor issue.

    Overall I'm super happy with my purchase, if I was to make the same decision again it would be the same. These are the best bang for buck for $800. With that said I would have liked to get the Fortune 500's, but they are $500 extra and I didn't want to spend that much.

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    Exactly what i was looking for

    Posted by Ian Holmes on Jun 23rd 2016

    Bought these Coilovers in September of 2015 when they were first released. 9 months later and 25,000 miles i feel i can make an accurate review. Theyse coilovers handle great on the streets at the recomended setting not harsh at all but better handling characteristics than my stock Bilstiens. Adjusting for track use is a breeze and they feel great, changes the car completely when you tighten the dampening. Ive used them for Auto-X as well as drifting and they did great, very predictable body movement and you can feel the difference in each click. After 25k and many adjustments to ride height and dampening they still feel good as new! The finish is very stong and like new still. I would definitely buy them agian for any car, and I completely recommend them for anyone who daily drives as well as races they're Miata!
    Great Coilovers with an affordable price tag!

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    Flex Z coilovers for 2016 Miata

    Posted by Richard on May 20th 2016

    Bought these from fab 9 and installed them about 2 weeks ago. So far absolutely love them. They firmed up the ride without being too harsh and was able to adjust for perfect ride height. I would highly recommend these coilovers for anyone looking for an affordable coilover.