Tein EDFC ACTIVE PRO Controller Kit

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When TEIN (it's pronounced "TANE", not "TEEN") released the EDFC controller nearly 14 years ago, the suspension tuning world hit a new level of technology.  At that time, only a select few high-performance vehicles came integrated with suspension systems that could be tuned on the fly, and they were usually limited to just two modes—sport and comfort. 

Since the EDFC ACTIVE uses GPS and accelerometers, the user could now program the suspension to adjust itself at any given speed or registered G-Force load in terms of braking and acceleration. So, if I wanted my TEIN shocks’ compression and rebound characteristics to stiffen as speeds climbed, I could program it. I could also command them to stiffen up the front even more as the G-Force load increased under heavier braking, and to even follow that with further adjustments, depending on what came next in terms of vehicle speed and acceleration combined!

The beauty of using both GPS and accelerometers means I can now have the car ride comfortably during cruising and then instantly stiffen up when the EDFC ACTIVE detects a certain G-load or vehicle speed, or a combination of both. I can also program the car to stay soft at very low vehicle speeds to induce more vehicular squat to get the best hook-up from a dig. The possibilities are numerous, and they simply depend on your driving style and preference.

EDFC ACTIVE PRO is a high-spec version of EDFC ACTIVE, which enables automatic adjustment of damping force according to the changes in longitudinal G-force and vehicle speed, and comes with new and upgraded functions.

Newly-added features, such as individual adjustment of 4 shock absorbers, lateral (cornering) G-actuated automatic adjustment, vehicle speed pulse input and 2 additional input ports to communicate with drivers, are sure to bring out the full potential of each shock absorber as well as the vehicle itself. Please enjoy another dimension of shock absorber performance that EDFC ACTIVE PRO brings.

This system is compatible with any top adjustable TEIN suspension system, including the popular FLEX Z systems we ship to so many Miata customers each week!

Yes, this video is a bit cheesey but it gives you a great idea how this thing operates in a truly JDM representation.