ST Adjustable Sway Bar REAR (90-2005)

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When tuning your vehicles suspension, there are many ways to change your vehicles handling characteristics. Springs, Dampers and alignment all play huge parts in affecting how your vehicle handles, but no component has as drastic effect on your body roll as the Anti-Swaybars without adversely affecting your ride quality. A proper anti-roll bar is a win win situation without sacraficing ride quality. 

Depending on your driving style and feel, you can actually adjust one side at the “hardest” position, and set the other side at the “softest” position to achieve your desired effects. Included with this sway bar will be the support braces as well. 

A bigger rear sway bar will give you more oversteer.


  • 3/4in (19mm)
  • Solid Spring Steel
  • 3 point adjustable
  • 91-05 Mazda Miata MX-5 (NA) 1.6, 1.8(4cyl.) Ft. 1" 25mm / R. 3/4" 19mm Anti-Swaybar Set