Solid Shim Under Bucket Kit

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Get rid of your heavy shim over bucket with this shim UNDER bucket design.

There are a number of troubling antics that come along with the design of your HLA setup or Shim OVER bucket from the later BP engines:

  • Oil loss and functionality of the under bucket design
  • Shim POP at high RPM from your over bucket disc
  • Weight causing spring fatigue at higher RPMs.

Fit's all 90-05 Miata:

  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 26mm
  • Post Thickness: To be used with 6mm lash cap on the post - contact us after you've measured
  • Completely CNC machined from heat treated billet provides only the necessary and calculated thickness of the walls with very special shapes, providing better rigidity with an important reduction in weight.
  • The lifters are fully Nitrided and polished to harden the surface for low wear. Higher cam lifts and rpms will submit conventional lifters to an important wear.
  • Surface is carefully finished by grinding it to a much lower surface roughness for lower friction with the cams, cylinder head bore, providing longer durability.