Schroth Profi 6 Point Harness - SFI 16.1

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Say hello to the Miata fiendly Profi 2x2, a new SFI 16.1 offering from Schroth Racing. Ditch the old school 3 inch shoulders and bulky adjusters for this new generation of budget friendly harnesses.

6 point configurations, this belt is constructed entirely out of 2 inch webbing creating an ideal setup for HANS users. The lap and sub belts can be used with either Bolt or Snap in end fittings, while the shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll-bar.

Top it all off with Schroth’s legendary competition style cam lock and this belt is perfect for Lemons, circle track racers, or any driver requiring a SFI 16.1 belt. (NOT FIA HOMOLOGATED)

PLEASE NOTE: Sub length is longer than shown in image

To explain why 2" webbing is more effective than 3" webbing on seat belts, one needs to look at the shape of the human body. The Iliac Crest is the part of the pelvic bone that sticks out above the hips. 2" webbing fits entirely within that crest, where 3" webbing rides over the tips of the crest. The 3" webbing has less surface area by percentage than the 2" webbing which will cause more bruising on impact as "hot-spots" of force develop where the belt is making contact with the pelvic bone. Since the 2" webbing rides inside the crest it can be worn as much as 1" to 2" tighter and at the same time is more comfortable.

NOTICE: There is a 15% restocking fee on belts as dated items cannot be returned to Fab9.