RoadsterSport Miata Header 99-00

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$599.00 $475.00
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The most bang for your buck, with all the features you need in an all stainless steel header.

Manufactured entirely from 304-stainless steel with thick flanges that will not warp like other stamped or cast flanges. Large 1.7" primaries collecting to a 2.375" OD tube via a smooth 4:1 merge.
Now includes TWO O2 sensor bungs: one right after the merge, for your primary O2 sensor, and a second bung further down by the outlet flange which you can use to add an auxiliary wideband sensor, or use it when you go to the dyno for the sensor that's hooked up to the dyno, etc. All without having to weld in an extra bung later.

Manual transmission only. EGR compatible.