RoadsterSport 2.0" MAX Power Header - NC

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Beautifully TIG welded, polished stainless steel finish. Comes with a fresh donut gasket for the connection to the midpipe included. Compatible with our standard engine mounts and also our engine drop brackets that lower the motor a half inch.

This is for folks seeking over 250 horsepower at the wheels, either by supercharger or very high compression naturally aspirated built motor. Not a new concept - 10 years ago when we built the NC Light, that car made made the most power (270whp naturally aspirated) on 2 inch primaries. But for many years nobody else was building motors that extreme. Finally now we've reached a point where there are enough folks out there who are building cars that can use it that it makes sense for us to offer this as a regular production part.

Look at those smooth curves! Notice you don't see 6 welded sections for each primary like so many lesser headers that are made from cut pieces of standard radius pipe and straights. Instead, where possible ultra SMOOTH all mandrel bent tube is used here to keep flow as clean as possible. Sexy all T304 polished stainless steel is formed into massive 2 inch primaries for max power.

We put incredible effort into making the exit at the collector as smooth and perfect as we can get it because this collection point is the KEY to good header flow and we had to make sure this was done as perfect as possible. Note we use the factory collector our fit is as factory-like as possible.

Our collector outlet is 2.5 inches. For best high rpm performance customers should match our header with our midpipe and exhaust so they are running 2.5 inches of flow all the way... but our header will bolt in place of the factory header and connect perfectly to the factory midpipe.