Oil Baffle Plate (NA/NB/MSM)

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4pcs Aluminum oil baffle plate kit. Designed to be compatible with NA 1.6/1.8, NB 1.8 & Mazdaspeed NB Miata. Unlike most Baffle plates currently on the market, this baffle plate was designed to work with all BP engines, specifically the Mazdaspeed NB Miata.

  • Helps reduce engine failure caused by oil surge issues.
  • Viton rubber flap to control oil flow and maintain constant oil pick up and supply. 
  • Viton is known for resistance to a broad range of fluids and resistance under extreme temperatures uses.
  • Fast and Easy Hassle-Free Assembly  
    *Important note- must slightly bend to lock the 4 post (piece with the Viton flaps) to the two outside pieces.*